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Research Projects

Does sleep modify cognitive and emotional processes in individuals with obsessive-compulsive and related disorders?

We study whether objective and subjective sleep (actigraphy and polysomnography) predict changes in mood, neurocognitive, and emotional processes. We also test whether sleep modifications change these constructs using ecological momentary assessments.

Can we improve responses to uncertainty in real-life?

Aberrant responses to uncertainty are central in multiple psychopathologies. Our studies demonstrated that we can improve responses to uncertainty in the lab. We are now testing whether we can improve responses to uncertainty in one's daily life using customized mobile applications.

Can neuropsychology improve OCD assessments and guide treatment-choice?

Non-invasive physiological measures such as eye-tracking provide insights into different internal states. We use multimodal assessments to identify and cluster different OCD subtypes.

How can uncertainty and its resolution affect clinical symptoms?

Uncertainty and its resolution are key processes in multiple psychopathologies. We develop new ways to measure uncertainty in the lab using computerized tasks and assess how can we help patients improve their responses to uncertainty.

Developing new ways to assess attention systems

We developed, and are testing new measures for different facets of attention and neurocognitive functions in multiple populations across development. We aim to provide a simple, affordable, and scalable attention assessment. 

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